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Music at Rüeggenbach

Eric Johanson

If you read the "Our Story" page on this site you know that Rüeggenbach started as our private music venue at our house out in the woods just outside of Marshall, TX. This old dog-run building sit off to the side of our house and has a sloped lawn area in-front of it making a perfect natural amphitheater.

To date we have hosted over a dozen concerts as well as birthday parties and even a Christmas Party. The musicians have been anything from Blues to Bluegrass, and there have been some pretty amazing musicians on this stage: Eric Johanson, Larry Mitchell, The Purple Hulls, Jonathan Terrell, Flint Creek Family, Covie!, and Junk Drawer Music Presents to name a few. I have even had the incredible honor of opening for and even sometimes playing with these incredible bands.

Once Rüeggenbach Brewing Co is officially open you can expect all of these groups and many more. We may even get to see them on the rooftop deck overlooking that amazing historic courthouse on the square if weather permits. Stay tuned...

Here is a little taste of one of our last shows. This was at the 60th Birthday Party/ retirement party for my father-in-law. The musician is New Orleans Blues/Rock recording artist Eric Johanson ( You will certainly see him again soon. Enjoy!!

Jonathan Terrell (with Michelle [sister] and George [father])

The Purple Hulls (Penny and Katy Clark)

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