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Grant Wood and Dr. Texas Rüegg Join Forces to Create Special Schwarzbier in Marshall, TX

Date: February 20, 2024

Marshall, Texas - In an unprecedented collaboration, Grant Wood, the legendary former 16-year veteran master brewer at Sam Adams Brewing and founding brewer of Revolver Brewing, has partnered with Dr. Texas Rüegg, the brewmaster of newly opened Rüeggenbach Brewing Co, to craft a special Schwarzbier. This remarkable beer was brewed on location at Rüeggenbach brewery situated on the square in historic downtown Marshall, TX.

The collaboration between two talented brewers has sparked excitement among beer enthusiasts, as Wood is renowned for his expertise and passion for creating exceptional world famous beers and Rüegg has caught the attention of the industry by creating a string of exceptional beers right out of the gate with his newly opened Rüeggenbach Brewery. The partnership seeks to combine their unique brewing styles and experience to craft a Schwarzbier that will pay homage to the rich historic heritage of Marshall, TX.

The beer, named "Major Turner's Winning Hand" is a tribute to a newly renovated historic home turned bed and breakfast in Marshall owned by Wood. Legend tells how Major James Turner won the "Turner House" in a poker match in 1866. Unfortunately, no one knows what that actual winning hand consisted of, so the label intentionally displays an undiscernible hand of cards.

The Schwarzbier, meaning "black beer" in German, is a lager known for its dark color and smooth, roasted malt flavors. This style of beer is notoriously challenging to perfect due to the delicate balance required to achieve both the dark color and light, crisp character. However, with Wood and Rüegg at the helm, the brewing community is eagerly anticipating the outcome of this exciting venture.

Grant Wood, who has previously crafted award-winning beers during his tenure at Sam Adams Brewing and Revolver Brewing, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "Working with Dr. Texas Rüegg at Rüeggenbach Brewing Co was a fun opportunity. We share a commitment to quality and innovation, and I believe our combined skill has resulted in a truly exceptional Schwarzbier."

Dr. Texas Rüegg, a highly regarded brewer who is himself becoming known for his dedication to traditional brewing techniques, echoed Wood's sentiments, saying, "Having Grant Wood on board is an honor. His extensive experience in the industry will undoubtedly elevate our brewing process for years to come, and I am excited to learn from his incredible expertise."

The brewing process for their special Schwarzbier began in late January 2024 at Rüeggenbach Brewing Co in the heart of downtown Marshall. The chosen location holds historical and family significance for Dr. Rüegg, adding an extra layer of meaningfulness to this collaboration. This joint effort symbolizes the merging of brewing legacies and traditions, blending Wood's expertise in American craft brewing with Rüegg's commitment to traditional German and Irish brewing techniques.

The resulting Schwarzbier is expected to be released tomorrow (February 21, 2024), and beer enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to taste.

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