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Brewing in Marshall's first Fire Station

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Marshall's history is fascinating, right? We could not be more excited to discovered that Rüeggenbach is actually located in what was the first fire station in Marshall. Salamander Fire Company shown in the picture below. As a proud fireman myself, this discovery brought joy to my heart. The bell in that tower is still in use, but is now located at the Marshall Central Fire Station.


By definition, Firebrand is a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action. As a local business, Rüeggembach carries that firebrand of supporting Military, Police, Fire, and First Responders as well as building community and encouraging the revitalization of the City of Marshall. What better way to launch that change as a passionate fireman reviving an old fire station into a craft brewery.

Want to be a Fireman? Volunteers are Needed!

A great way to serve the community is to volunteer as a fireman. I promise, of the 9 Volunteer Departments in Harrison County, there is a volunteer opportunity that will fit your ability. For more information about joining a fire department goto or visit

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