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Growing the Rüeggenbach Tribe

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

If you have just purchased an item from our online store...

Welcome to the Rüeggenbach TRIBE!

Those of you who know us understand that Rüeggenbach is more than just a local brewery. We are a TRIBE! What I mean is that our purpose is to build community, gather family and friends, promote musicians and artists, and foster culture, thought, unity, and living in abundance - Together.

Yes, we make and sell incredible beer, but that's not what make us unique. Rüeggenbach is about our tribe (which includes you...). It is about experiencing life together and is always seeking to make that experience better for everyone.

Yes, we sell beer, but we are not a bar. We are a family friendly community gathering place more like a traditional English or Irish Pub (Public House). You want to have a Bible study and drink great beer? You are in the right place. You want to have a wedding or a family reunion with all the kids in-tow? Come on down! You want a relaxing romantic evening while watching the most incredible blues guitarist you've ever seen live? Welcome to you new favorite local craft brewpub!

We are silly and fun and want you to come and be silly and fun with us!

Welcome to our Tribe!

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