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Great American Beer Festival (GABF) 2022 in Denver, CO

I know... I know... What a terrible job to have to attend America's largest craft beer festival to do market research and professional networking? Right? Well, I guess we just had to suffer through it.

All joking aside, this, the 40th GABF, was an incredible experience! Tim (one of our investors) and I learned a lot and made a lot of new friends in the craft brewery world.

We also reconnected with a few brewers who have already been helping and supporting us through the startup process. Most notable among our friends is Jeremy Roberts, owner and brewmaster of 903 Brewers out of Sherman, TX. I met Jeremy when I was working for Austin College in Sherman and he was raising money to start his brewery there. Jeremy has been a good friend and a huge help to Rüeggenbach by reviewing our business plan and financial projections and being willing to answer the millions of questions I have thrown at him throughout the startup process. We love 903 beers and are so grateful for their continued support and encouragement. (This is your cue to go out and by some 903 beers to help us say thank you!)

The festival is also a huge competition where brewers enter their versions of various styles in divided into categories in hopes of coming home with a medal for their beers. Rüeggenbach was not able to complete this year because we are still under construction and not yet able to brew, but we will be ready next year.

While Tim and I were in Colorado we also spent time visiting various breweries in Denver, Golden, and Boulder to gather ideas and ask lots of questions.

What we saw, learned, and experienced was more valuable than we could have imagined. We confirmed many of our own ideas and discovered so much more about the potential of our concept. I can't reveal all of them now, but you should be very excited about what is coming to Rüeggenbach!

The biggest takeaway? The importance of having the support of the community!

So let me just say again, THANK YOU for supporting us as we continue to move forward with getting the brewery up and running.

Ok Happy Dance!

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