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Firefighter Family Full-circle

As we dig into the history of the building at 108 W Houston St on the square in Marshall, TX, the story just gets more and more interesting.

It turns out that we have a direct connection to this location in more than one way.

This building was originally built by the Salamander Fire Company as the first fire department in Marshall. At that time there was no municipal fire department and the only fire protection available to the citizens of Marshall was this private fire company.

We knew that this building had at one time been Marshal Bottle Works and then later Made-rite (one of the first bottling and distribution sites for Dr. Pepper), but the discovery that our building was originally build as a fire station made us incredibly proud. I myself am a firefighter, Lieutenant, and board member of the Nesbitt Fire Department, so of course this discovery made me very happy.

The rest of the story is that my great great grandfather G.W. Rains was one of the original members of the Salamander Fire Company. How is that for an incredible full-circle connection?

So, we are connected to this location both through a dedication to fire service as well as through my great great grandfather who also served as a firefighter (and possibly board member) at this very site. Talk about standing in the footprints of your forefathers. What an incredible legacy!

Now as Marshall's first brewery, we are reviving that incredible history and celebrating the long standing service to the Marshall, Harrison County, and the East Texas Community. If you love history, love fire fighters, love Marshall, love East Texas, love the Rüegg, Rains, and Hackney families, love that a fire department could be called "Salamander", or just love good craft beer, you are going to LOVE Rüeggenbach Brewing Co!

Prost y'all!!

Oh.... and that fire bell, the one from the first picture at the very top. The one in the tower. (go ahead and scroll back up a look, I'll wait.) Ok, yea that one. Wouldn't it be cool if we could find that thing?

Well, we found it! Yes, the old Salamander Fire Company bell now lives in the beautiful plaza in front of the Marshall Fire Department Central Station. Yup, the very same bell.

Who says history isn't cool?!?

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Jeff Waite
Jeff Waite
Apr 02, 2022

I love all of this so much!


Brian Somerford
Brian Somerford
Apr 01, 2022

Lots of interesting information. Looking forward to the final results of the the renovation and inviting atmosphere at your new location.

Replying to

Thank you Brian! We can’t wait to get rolling. Appreciate your support my friend.

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