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Brewery Progress Update 6/1/2022

We wanted to take a moment and give an update and answer a few questions.

Where will you be located and when will you open? :

See the white building in the middle? Yup, that is where we will be and the building you have read so much about in the paper and in my other blog posts. What was originally the first fire station in Marshall, the Salamander Fire Company, will soon be the home of Rüeggenbach Brewing Co. The official mailing address is 108 W Houston St., Marshall, TX, but it's easier to just say on the square in downtown Marshall near the old historic courthouse. (...and what a beautiful courthouse it is!)

Opening date? - Our plan is to be open in time for the Wonderland of Lights in November, Lord willing the building renovation is completed in time. Say a little prayer that we can make that timeline actually happen. I promise we are working like crazy to open as soon as possible.

What kind of beer will you brew? :

We will brew a broad range of craft beers. Many of our beers will be in the traditional German and Irish styles, from light lagers to dark roasty stouts, but we will also brew some of the newer styles such as Hazy IPA and experimental beers of all kinds. There is even a plan to brew hard seltzers for those who may not care for beer (I know, I'm as shocked as you that such a person could exist) and even a few non-alcoholic sodas for the kiddos.

What size is your brewery? :

Our brewhouse (Mash tun and Boil kettle) is a 7 BBL brew system. BBL= is a measure of volume called a barrel. It is equal to 31 gallons. So, doing the math a 7BBL brewhouse produces 217 gallons per brew. Brewing less than 15,000 BBL per year defines us as a "Micro Brewery."

Will you have food? :

Yes, we will have a small selection of food to start. Mostly along the line of pub type food in the beginning (with a little Swiss flare) and then will grow that menu as demand and beer sales dictate. Expect cheese fondue, large soft pretzels, and other Swiss/German style treats to come.

What kind of space will you have for events? :

So glad you asked. Once construction is complete we will have three floors available to our customers. The ground level is our main serving floor. When you walk in the door you will see a coffeehouse type atmosphere with the bar to the right and the beautiful stainless brewing equipment at the back. Second floor will be one big open room with a balcony that overlooks the front of the first floor. This will serve as overflow for the first floor as well as a rentable space for parties, reunions, and other events. Third floor ....wait for it ...wait for it ...will be a rooftop deck! This deck overlooks the incredible historic courthouse square and will provide an amazing one-of-a-kind outdoor experience where you can enjoy live music on the roof. Did we mention that this is on the roof! ...the roof! This will also be a space that can be rented for parties and events. I wonder who will be the first to book it for the next parade. Best seat in the house, right?

Are you still looking for investors? :

Yes, we have a little more room for investors, but it is also very important that our investors be the right fit. If you are interested in being a part of our investor team then I will be happy to visit with you. Its a $10,000 minimum investment to be a part of the investor team so please only inquire if you are serious and have appropriate financial means. You can contact me at for more information.

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